Web development from 0 to PRO

Number of lessons

1 per week

The duration of a lesson

75 minutes


from 12 years

Monthly price

1600 CZK

What we will study


We will learn what backend and frontend are, how it looks and what the web page code consists of.


CSS – Learn how to deal with the background, color, layout blocks. Try out text effects and custom fonts.


Responsive web design and mobility, Flexbox. We make sure that our web pages are ideally displayed on all devices and with different screen resolutions, from the latest version of iPhone and Mac to small Android smartphones.


Find out what JavaScript is and how it connects to a web page. We will learn how to connect and use the jQuery library, learn about JavaScript frameworks that allow you to structure the code so that it is easily supported.


Will apply the principles of object-oriented programming in practice: abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism. We will learn to use classes, objects, constructors, virtual functions.


We will learn how to install and run a MySQL server for development, and how to manage database users. We will develop a MySQL database structure for the application from scratch, and learn how to import and export data.


PHP – We will learn how to make websites that deliver information and amaze imagination, and have a clearly debugged mechanism. Clear processing of downloaded files, operations with databases, verification of user authorization, cookies analysis – without these elements today you cannot imagine a serious web project.

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Web development from 0 to PRO

Courses for children from 12 years
1600 kČ per month
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