Python Programming

Number of lessons

1 per week

The duration of a lesson

75 minutes


from 12 years

Monthly price

1600 CZK

Program features

Students will learn the basics of the language and the syntax of the programming language in detail. They will be able to build an algorithm for managing a large number of variables, write and run their first programs on Python. They will also master a programming language with a wide scope of application, so in the future they will be able to work at any company that deals with data, from game devs to scientific developments.

What we will study

Simple and complex modular programs:

from console scripts to chat bots

All of the Python niceties,

from simple loops to generators and magic methods

Work with databases

Industrial development tools:

Git, PyCharm

Different styles of programming:

imperative, object-based and functional

Third-party Python libraries and frameworks

pillow, requests, regex, peewee, vk_api

Code testing

Ability to create beautiful and clear code

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Python Programming

Courses for children from 12 years
1600 kČ per month
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