Number of lessons

1 per week

The duration of a lesson

90 minutes


from 10 years

Monthly price

2000 CZK

Automation is a unique course teaching kids the basics of robotics for children, combining various fields of knowledge: radio electronics, mechanics, circuit design. It is the course of engineering art for kids. The main project of our electronics club for children is a mobile robot that performs movements along the line, additionally, kids assemble different structures that demonstrate the basic physical processes in electronic circuits in the most entertaining and comprehensive way.

Performing individually, children develop their creative and technical abilities, gain necessary fundamental knowledge in the field of electronics and circuit design.

This course is unmatched since it brings unique knowledge and skills being learnt right there in the classroom. This course offers young roboticists a new approach towards solving various robotic tasks, since the child assembles all the parts needed for the structure from provided materials and components (becoming engaged in creative engineering). Thus, the children who have previously taken other robotics courses will have an opportunity to find out what is inside the previously used blocks and parts of the structures.

What we will study

the basics of soldering and circuit design

ability to read circuits

basic components

LEDs, resistors, capacitors


PCB manufacturing


photodiode, photoresistor, phototransistor, optocouplers

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Courses for children from 10 years
2000 kČ per month
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