About us

We are living in a world that changes faster than ever before. Nowadays kids will be facing a constant stream of new challenges and questions in their future. Things they are learning today will be dated tomorrow. If they want to succeed, they must learn to develop innovative solutions

Their success and comfort will be based on their ability to think outside the box and approach creatively. Knowledge is not enough – they absolutely must learn how to apply that knowledge.

In Neus Lab, kids are learning fundamental concepts of natural science and the ways they can apply them in practice.

Working with small groups (up to 6 people), assures teachers to have individual approach towards tids, so every lesson is exciting and fascinating to each and every student.

Age-appropriate, structured courses are offered for attendees of different ages: from elementary school kids to university students. Each lesson consists of individual projects with certain learning outcomes.

Why people attend our courses?

To get additional education in the technical domain. Our unique program has no analogs in Prague

To obtain technical competence and develop communication skills

To get additional educational services in the technical domain in one place

For parents to be sure that children spend their free-free time productively and under supervision of adults

Our teachers

Alexandra Konopleva


Chief Lecturer of the Youth Section in Robotics

Dmitry Parakhonka


Coach of the robotics competition team, author of methodological materials


students a year
1 %
competitions won
place in the “16th Robotic Day”


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