Competitive Robotics

Number of lessons

1-2 per week

The duration of a lesson

150 minutes


from 8 years

Monthly price

1600 CZK

During  the course of Competitive Robotics, our tutor prepares the team in accordance with the program of competition. Each of the programs require the project to solve potential set of problems: logistics, space, food and energy. Preparation for competitions is a complex and interesting process, as it is a free learning environment that provides opportunity to obtain flexible individual and applicable knowledge, which is especially important today since the demand for creatively developed, comprehensively educated specialists is rapidly growing.  It gives a real opportunity for simultaneous development and consolidation of knowledge, as well as improvement of the skills in several areas at once: computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, mechanics, etc. In return, the formation of integrated knowledge contributes to development of systematic thinking, teaches a comprehensive approach to solving real practical challenges. At the same time, any work within the learning process is result-oriented: the creation of a robotic system that possesses certain properties, the quality and effectiveness of which can be evaluated by independent experts, once it is presented at competitions and exhibitions.

What we will study



Basics of radio engineering and electronics

PID controller

Machine vision

Programming languages ​​C, C ++, PYTON, G-CODE, Scratch

Proportional control algorithms

Automatic control systems

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Competitive Robotics

Courses for children from 8 years
1600 kČ per month
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