education robotics


Number of lessons

1 per week

The duration of a lesson

120 minutes


from 10 years

Price per lesson

600 CZK

Program features

During the course, the students will go deep into applied science of Robotics. 

Besides electronics, mechanics and computer science they will learn the basics of cybernetics, mechatronics and radio engineering. They will take care of calculating the parameters of the PID controller and will be able to see the results in practise, get acquainted with neural networks and machine vision, and also discover the basics of advanced mathematics and mathematical logic. Students will make the whole way from a primitive automatic device to mobile robots with the elements of artificial intelligence.

What we will study



Basics of radio engineering and electronics

PID controller

Machine vision

Programming languages ​​C, C ++, PYTON, G-CODE, Scratch

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Educational robotics «Senior»

Courses for children from 10 years
600 kČ per lesson
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