week of cybersport

Welcome to the most exciting
summer camp of the year!

What happens if we combine sports and a love for gaming? We get Cybersport!!! 
A phenomenon charged with energy of the new age, it possesses all the traits that predict its bright future.

Cybersport has already become a part of pop culture, inspiring movies, music, and art. It’s not just entertainment anymore, but a social phenomenon that unites people, stimulates innovation, and shapes a new direction in the world of sports and entertainment.
 Its potential is limitless, and its future is bright and promising.

We are about to embark on an exciting journey into the realm of professional game universe development 🌟✨
 This journey, charged with energy and innovation, holds the promise of a bright and limitless future 🚀🎮🌌

the camp program includes


Learning the basics of C# programming in an engaging way


Creating artificial intelligence for opponents and NPC

levels design

Developing engaging and balanced arenas for competitions

character creation

Development and animation of unique characters for a cyber sports game

multi-user mode

Implementation of network code for a multiplayer game

team projects

Working in team to create an own game

game competition

Mini-tournaments for testing and demonstrating the created games

At the end of the camp participants will:

Present their esports game developed by the team

Gain unforgettable experience and new knowledge in the field of IT and eSports

Learn the basics of creating games and their role in esports competitions3.

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Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon snack

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